Digital Twins for Industry 4.0   

The human race is rapidly moving into a new era of digitization of everything around us, which involves taking data from the physical world and using artificial intelligence (AI) to make better decisions. An example of this is self-driving cars, but the basic concept is spreading to all different aspects of human behavior, to the point where we’re on the cusp of a new industrial revolution and, ultimately, a huge shift in the way we and the machines we rely on interact. 

The latest Industrial Revolution, enabled by digitization, is clearly underway and accelerating:

  • Market analysts such as Bain and Growth Enabler estimate that the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) market will grow at close to 30% per annum and reach $80bn-85bn by 2020.
  • Chevron estimates that digitization will lead to savings of $3bn by 2022.
  • Accenture estimates that the IIoT could add $14.2tn to the global economy by 2030.
  • In a recent article in PC Magazine, IDC was quoted as estimating spending on digital transformation would be close to $2 trillion by 2022 and also that 500 million new applications are going to be required to facilitate this transformation in the next five years. At current levels of data scientist and developer productivity, this would require most of the population of China to deliver.  

Right now, this revolution is at risk of stalling a little, because it’s dependent on data scientists to create all of the necessary applications, and there simply aren’t enough of them to meet the enormous level of demand. 

Geminos makes it much easier to create a ‘digital twin’ of things in the real world, and then build applications that can all talk to one another due to their consistent architecture. The facilitated communication between those applications allows for a much higher level of optimization across entire ecosystems (e.g. Smart Manufacturing production lines, Smart Cities, etc.). Using this approach, the productivity of data scientists and other developers is greatly improved, enabling them to create the next generation of applications. 

“Using the Geminos approach and platform means that we can deliver high quality AI-driven applications quickly and reliably – and all at reasonable cost.”

Stu Frost, Founder and CEO, Geminos Software