AI That Knows Why

Classic data science is fundamentally flawed

The current state of the art in AI is all about using ML & DL algorithms on historic data to predict or understand what might happen in the future. Although significant gains have been made in certain areas, this approach is limited by definition. If what we need to understand the future isn’t in our historical data, no amount of data wrangling and cool algorithms will help us.

The next big thing in AI

UCLA Prof. Judea Pearl’s work in this area, as explained in “The Book of Why”, represents a significant advancement in AI and our mission is to make Pearl’s work both usable and practical. It’s the foundation of our CAUSE platform that is designed to greatly improve the quality and time to value of AI-driven solutions.

The power of why

When AI knows why, we can avoid the classic black box and fragility problems of traditional approaches, and we can start to bring more effective AI to a broader range of business problems much faster. Businesses will be empowered to operationalize at scale with a focus on transparency and trust, and transform their processes for an AI-first future.

Causality at the core

Our platform allows you to effectively digitalize your business by looking at problems through a causal lens.

“Using the Geminos approach and platform means that we can deliver high quality AI-driven applications quickly and reliably – and all at reasonable cost.”

Stu Frost, Founder and CEO, Geminos Software