Geminos is offering effective AI solutions to logistics companies looking to digitalize their business

Logistics for Industry 4.0 

A New Competitive Arena

In the era of Industry 4.0, traditional third party logistics companies face threats from disruptive, agile, fully digital alternatives.  Finding fast and effective ways to utilize AI is vital in this new competitive arena, especially for mid-market companies that are yet to digitalize.

Geminos is focused on delivering AI-driven solutions for mid-sized logistics companies that are frustrated by their inability to digitalize their operations at sensible cost.

Through the application of causal science, Geminos takes an event-driven approach to the problems facing the logistics industry, such as customer churn, operations management and route planning. The result is faster projects with higher ROI, better alignment with business needs, and most importantly a higher value digital transformation.

Case Study – Customer Churn

“What causes our customers to leave?”

A logistics company tasked Geminos with reducing customer churn and improve retention, in order to increase gross revenue and profits. Looking at the problem through a causal lens, Geminos allowed the company to better understand and mitigate the reasons that customers would stop doing business with them.

By constructing a causal model of the entire business and grouping customers in terms of their behavior, Geminos was able to identify the true causes of churn and provide analysis far beyond statistical correlations.